Q & A


  •   Q - How do I dress? A - Dress in something you do not mind getting a little paint on.   
  •   Q - What if I am not very artistic? A – That’s okay!...These parties are fun for all.   
  •   Q - Do you do parties for children? A - Yes we do. We ask that you email party info so that we have time to arrange the best possible experience for the kiddos.   
  •   Q - What do private parties include? A - Click here for private party details. 
  •   Q - Can I bring food? A - Yes.   
  •   Q - What type of paint do you use? A - We use water based acrylic paint. Occasionally we use tempera paint for kid events 
  •   Q - How much does the class cost? A - Pricing information is on the 'Event Calendar' tab.  
  •   Q - Can I bring my minor child or teenager? A - Yes. We will be sure to make them feel just a welcomed. 
  •     Q - Are you open on Sundays? A - Yes.  
  •   Q - How long are the sessions? A - Normal session runs for 2 1/2 hours.
  •   Q - How many people can the studio hold? A - We have two painting areas. Room A can hold approximately 30 people  
  •    Q - Can I just sit in and not paint? A - Yes, but there is a fee of $15 associated.  
  •     Q - Can I bring my own canvases? A - You can for open studio time or purchase one from us . During our parties we will provide everything you will need in order to complete your piece in studio.   
  •   Q - How far do you travel for PaintMaina parties?  A - 30 miles without incurring additional charges.

If you won a free paint event be sure to email us a PaintManiaParties@gmail.com to reserve your seat. Remember to bring your voucher as verification.