Q & A


Q - How do I dress?                                                                                                                                

A – Dress casual & comfortable in something you do not mind getting a little paint on.   

Q - What if I am not very artistic?                                                                                                          

A – That’s okay! We have people come in all the time who say “I’m NOT artistic.” and they leave saying “I can’t believe I painted this!”  We will guide you step by step.   

Q - Do you do parties for children?  

A - Yes we do.  

 Q - Can I bring food?  

A – Yes! Bring food, drinks, cake, it’s your party!  

Q – Can I bring  beer or wine? 

 A – Yes.  

Q - What type of paint do you use?  

A - We use water based acrylic paint.   

Q - Can I bring my minor child or teenager?  

A – Yes all ages are welcome.   

Q - How many people can the studio hold?  

A – Our studio can hold approximately 27 people.  

Q - Can I just sit in and not paint?

A –  Yes, as long as we don’t need the seat for a customer.  

 Q - Can I bring my own canvases or supplies?                                                                                                         

A - You can, but the cost will be the same. The cost covers all supplies needed, instruction & use of our studio.   

Q - How far do you travel for PaintMaina parties? 

 A – 30 miles. Check with us about travel fees.